Tap in to Quooker’s new sparkling features…

What is Quooker?


A Quooker consists of a kitchen tap on your worktop and a tank in your kitchen cupboard giving you instant boiling, hot, and cold water. You can now add the Quooker CUBE for instant chilled and sparkling water.


Quooker is a family business which began in 1970 when Henri Peteri invented the first ever boiling water tap. They were the first, and still, are the best in the business.


Quooker break the mould when it comes to design and innovation and they have become an indispensable appliance in kitchens all over the world.


Special features


Child safety

The sophisticated double press and twist safety function has been extensively tested, ensuring the risk of ‘accidentally’ turning the boiling-water tap on is very small. This helps to protect young, curious children. In addition, the button has a light ring that illuminates while the tap is on to warn the user: warning, I’m dispensing boiling water!


Quooker CUBE

An additional tank to be stored in your kitchen cupboard giving you instant chilled filtered water, as pure as you would buy in bottles, plus the option to connect a CO2 cartridge for filtered sparkling water.


Easy maintenance

The filters are designed to be swapped in and out easily by yourself, the boiling water tank filter needs replacing as little as every 3-5 years, and the cartridge in the cold-water filter needs changing just every 12 months.



Something Quooker feel passionate about is although it may feel like a luxury to have instant boiling, filtered and sparkling water in your home, the purchase is a sustainable one for a few reasons:


  • A Quooker tap typically lasts fifteen to twenty years, far longer than a regular tap.


  • When you dispense water from your Quooker tap, you use the exact amount of water you need. Unlike with a kettle, often boiling more water than needed…or decide to re-boil it because the water has cooled down, wasting lots of energy!


  • Quooker’s patented vacuum tank allows for water to be kept at 110 degrees under pressure. This technology keeps the water hot without needing to use much energy. Think of it as an electrically powered flask, from which no energy can escape. It’s simply super-efficient!


  • With the CUBE and a reusable cup, you reduce your use of plastic disposable bottles.





All provide instant boiling, hot and cold water and compatible with the Quooker CUBE for chilled and sparkling water.



Featuring a pull-out hose great for cleaning around the sink and available in three finishes.

Instant hot water tap



A simple, modern design suitable for almost every kitchen style and available in five finishes.

Quooker instant hot water tap


Classic Fusion

A timeless classic, a stylistic tap that will look at home in a traditional or country kitchen and available in four finishes.

Classic Square instant hot water tap


Nordic Twin taps

Two taps in the same design. A mixer tap for hot and cold water. And a Quooker tap for boiling water. The height of the boiling-water tap is adjustable, and the twin taps are available in two finishes.

Nordic Twin instant hot water taps


Classic and Nordic single taps

A single tap to combine with your own existing mixer tap to give you instant boiling water, also compatible with the Quooker CUBE and available in two styles and three finishes.

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