Why choose Neff for your appliances

We love Neff products and know you will too. Here’s why we think you should choose Neff for your kitchen appliances.

The ethos behind everything Neff does is to inspire people to get creative in the kitchen and their products aim to facilitate people’s kitchen creativity! Recently, designers Lisa and Amy took a trip to Neff HQ to learn more about the products Neff are so proud of, as well as how to use them! Neff brought a home economist along to demonstrate the breadth of cooking opportunities their patented technology can provide. 

‘One of the most interesting things we learnt on our course was about Neff’s Circotherm TM technology. 

Neff’s Circotherm TM allows the chef to cook savoury and sweet, subtle and statement dishes together in the oven at the same time! The clever fan circulates the heat around the oven in such a way that not only is the heat blown out into the oven cavity as you would expect, but is also sucked back out again and recirculated meaning the hot air isn’t lingering in the oven causing flavours to mix!  

‘I thought this would be such a time saver when you’re cooking for a party and needing multiple elements of the catering ready at same time. You could effectively cook a 3 course meal in 1 oven all at the same time. Just stick it all in together!’ 

‘The home economist prepared a variety of canapes from savouries including fish and cheese as well as sweets using bananas and caramel and cooked them all in the same oven at the same time. We half expected a weird mash up of flavours but each came out perfectly! And delicious!’ 

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Why you should choose a Neff appliance in your kitchen

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